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Successfully fighting coronavirus


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vaccinations in the North Rhine region

The latest vaccination figures from North Rhine

This table shows the statistics on the progress of coronavirus vaccinations in the North Rhine region - listed by district and metropolitan district. We collect the figures on the numbers of vaccinations given as part of the responsibilities transferred to us by the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia.
The Robert Koch Institute deals with central, nationwide vaccination monitoring – and we also report our figures to them.

The basis for the statistics is the vaccination data sent to us from the medical practices and vaccination centres. The columns for the vaccination centres also include vaccinations in hospitals and those performed by mobile vaccination teams.

Vaccinations carried out in the North Rhine region

Working together to protect our health

Whether a doctor, medical staff member or patient: protecting our health concerns every one of us. You can find important information about the coronavirus vaccination here, and learn how you can help to save lives and ultimately get us back to living without social distancing and without risks to health.

Information for doctors and medical staff

What do you need to be aware of as a vaccinating doctor or as a member of a medical team?

Full information about carrying out this major vaccination drive

Information for patients

Do you have any questions about arranging appointments or about how the coronavirus vaccination is conducted, or are you looking for information about your vaccination centre?

Full information for patients

Information on coronavirus and tests

You can find full practice information communications here, sorted by date, along with an A-Z of issues about coronavirus, Q&As and patient information.

“We are very proud of the overwhelming commitment from the doctors in our region. In just the first few days, hundreds of volunteers have got in touch with us”

Bild Dr. med Frank Bergmann

Dr. med. Frank Bergmann,

Chairman, Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, North Rhine Region (KV Nordrhein).